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Those beach waves tho

Jordan here, and I am so excited Crystal has asked me to share some tips and tricks as far as hair curling goes. This is one of my most asked questions on my Instagram, and though I don't think I am a "professional" by any means, I think sharing fun things like this really brings us ladies together. So here's a little how to for my more relaxed/beach wave look!

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Winter Survival: Skin Care Edition

If you are anything like me, every winter my skin goes into panic mode. Between the cold dry air and the forced heat (oh, and the dry hospital air) my dry skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Even if your skin isn’t dry, you likely notice your skin feels tight and burns and/or itches during the cold winter months. Are you hoping to avoid the dragon skin look this winter? I have a few ideas for you.

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Hi, My Name is Crystal and I'm a Tradition Newbie

My family wasn't much for traditions when I was growing up. Not knocking the tradition-less family, but ya girl craved it. Something about family traditions that, in my opinion, just gives a sense of security, purpose, and connection. So when my own family began growing, I launched in. Here's a quick run-down of what goes on within the walls of our home in December to focus our attention and affection on the only One deserving.

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Four Avenues for Pursuing Adoption

Because November is National Adoption Awareness Month, I thought it only appropriate to talk a little adoption on the the blog. Although this month particularly focuses on adopting children who are currently in the foster care system, it’s an amazing opportunity to talk about any and all adoption related issues! So, here goes! Once you’ve determined that you/your family are called to adopt, the first decision you will make is what route to take to follow this calling. This is my (super) brief run down of the avenues you have to choose from when pursuing adoption.

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30A Every Day

The name might not be fancy, but don't let that fool you. 30A is a slice of highway running through a portion of the Florida panhandle strewn with idyllic beach towns, restaurants so good the food makes you wanna slap your momma, clear/warm gulf water, and perfect white, powdery sand. Do yourself a huge favor and get there STAT.

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