30A Every Day

I've spent most of my years in the deep south. And as a deep south resident, a dreamy beach vacay can only mean one thing...30A. 30A?, you more northern sister friends may ask. Oh you know...heaven...heaven on a beach. The name might not be fancy, but don't let that fool you. 30A is a slice of highway running through a portion of the Florida panhandle strewn with idyllic beach towns, restaurants so good the food makes you wanna slap your momma, clear/warm gulf water, and perfect white, powdery sand. Do yourself a huge favor and get there STAT.


Although a family beach vacay is a gift as it is, nothing could make it better than when your besties join in. Traveling with one of my best gals is dreamy enough, but traveling with one of my best gals that happens to be a professional photographer who has some serious pity for my grossly inadequate camera skills, how fast can I get there. So, in an effort to learn from the master herself, while the children (kinda) napped, and the husbands did manly things, we headed to one of our favorite slices of 30A, Seaside Beach, for a little exploration and camera practice. And as a result, a few tips on visiting Seaside. (Fun fact: The movie The Truman Show was filmed on location in Seaside).

So without further adiue, meet Seaside Beach, Florida, ladies. She's the prettiest.


For the peeeerfect family photo spot, the beaches of Seaside can't be beat. I mean, with a welcome like this one, don't mind if I do! Plus that beach breeze will help you channel your inner Beyonce. 


You'll find homes like this beauty at every turn. Allow yourself a hot minute, and then you'll need to pick your jaw up off the ground (more than a time or two). And ask your bestie to restrain you from creepily knocking on the door and asking for a personal tour. Ugh...okay.


You can. not. I repeat. Can. Not. Go to Seaside and not eat at Great Southern. Allow some time for a wait, and then eat your little southern heart out. It's kind of on the pricier end, but a total must.


Once your belly is miserably full, top it off with another few calories. Cause beach calories don't count. I promise. 


For a different kind of fair, hit up one of the airstream food trucks along 30A right in the heart of Seaside. I can personally recommend the grilled cheese truck. Can't stop. Won't stop. And at night this area is lit up with sweet little Christmas lights. You'll never want to leave.


Now that we call Nashville home, I can't not encourage you to grab a Five Daughters Bakery donut. They had me at 100 layers. Maybe even save them for breakfast the next morning? (Side note, I'm embarrassed at how many restaurant pictures I took. So I'll stop here.) 


P.S. Who doesn't want to walk through a palm tree canopy. I mean, what is life. And Beyonce' needs a runway.


Now roll yourself around the little shops and try all of the things. Because you only live once. 


I could go on forever, but really you should just see it yourself. Maybe we'll even run into each other next time;)