4 Ways to Style Your Basic Tees

Who doesn't love a basic tee? Although there's nothing wrong with "basic," some days we're feeling a little "extra" and we want to level up our every day look with some added style! So let's do it!


Here are 4 ways to elevate your look with your favorite basic tee:

1) For the most e-x-t-r-a of extra, grab both sides of the front of your tee, one side in each hand. Then tie these two sides in a simple knot and pull the sides through, adjusting as needed. I love this fun take on a front knot! Definitely feels special.

2) An old school knot is still in! To make it even more current, tie the knot in the front of your tee instead of on the side. Simply grab one handful at the front of your tee and tie your knot. The tip is to make sure that you don't have a ton of extra fabric hanging out of the knot. If you do, wrap the fabric back over the knot or tuck it inside.

3) For a long tunic tee, like the Jennifer, I like to take one side of the tee, twist it around a couple of times and then tuck that twisted roll into the side of the front of my jeans. This is an easy way to make sure your tee stays nicely tucked throughout the day.

4) If you're styling a lightweight tee, completely transform your look by tucking it all the way in! We love this look best with some high rise denim like the Sonnies. Add some slides or heeled booties + a couple of necklaces and you're ready for a date night out!


To watch me in action creating all of these looks, click the picture below!