5 Tips for Choosing Capsule Styles

Capsule wardrobes aren't for everyone, I get it. I personally love capsule "styles," because of the simplicity that they bring to my life. But I don't set strict capsule wardrobe guidelines regarding number of pieces, only shopping seasonally, monetary goals, etc. Truly, I don't need to! I'm naturally a purger and a saver. So I inherently limit myself and don't keep around what I don't love. But if you find yourself needing some guidelines, go for it girl! The point of a capsule, at it's very core, is simplicity. So if shopping guidelines reduce stress and pointless spending, do what you go gotta do.

When considering a new piece, I ask myself a few questions to decide if it's a piece I'm going to love! Not just love owning it, but love *wearing* it. So as you begin shopping to refresh your spring wardrobe, use these questions as a guide to help you determine what styles are worth your investment. Because when you shop purposefully for your wardrobe, it serves you, instead of you serving it. 


Question 1: Does it fit into three or four of the shades that most flatter my skin/hair tone for this season? These shades can change from spring to winter, but it's super helpful to build a foundation for your wardrobe with the few colors you love to wear the most. If I really love the style, but the answer to question #1 is "no," I ask myself if it coordinates with my foundational colors for that season. If the answer is still "no," I'm not likely to purchase it unless I have an intended purpose for it (a special occasion like a wedding, vacation, party, etc). If the answer is yes, then I consider how it answers question two!


Question 2: Does this style work cohesively with most, if not all, of the other styles in my wardrobe? For instance, when considering a top, will this piece easily go with most of the bottoms (jeans, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits) in my wardrobe. If a certain top requires special attention by necessitating the purchase of a particular bottom, that's an easy "no." You don't find simplicity in buying something just to have to buy something. Unless that something will go with almost everything else in your closet!


Questions 3: Is this style timeless, or is it so trendy that I will likely only get one or two seasons of wear out of it? Just because a piece is "timeless" doesn't mean that it isn't on trend. You should look for styles that are both! But some *trends* are not *timeless.* You feel me? A piece is timeless in both color, fit, and fabric. So stick to some beautiful, easy to pair neutrals, with simple cuts and quality fabric. I think you'll find that styles falling into these categories will be in your closet for years instead of months.


Question 4Is this style versatile? Can it be dressed up or down, taking me from day to night? Or you might ask yourself, can it be worn at work and home? No one wants or needs to have a costume change with every change in activity. So fill your wardrobe with pieces that allow you to do all of the things in life that mean the most to you, only making minor changes, perhaps, like shoes or jewelry. Styles that are considered "versatile" for you may change depending on seasons of life. But when you can, avoid having different wardrobes for different purposes.  


Question 5: Is this piece a quality that is worth investing in because it will last through many wears and potential washings? There might be a time and a place for our big box tee or pjs. But for the most part, you'll find that buying quality pieces (even if the price tag is a little higher) pays for itself because the styles last longer. So in addition to being able to wear your styles more because they work cohesively together and give you versatility throughout your day, you'll be able to love them longer because they won't be falling apart! Maybe this is a lesson age has taught me...you do, indeed, get what you pay for.


Cheers to cute clothes and the simple life!