7 Must-Read Books for Your Summer

My girl Katie, founder, creative mind, and Jesus-loving heart at Dear Mushka is my resource for my next read forever and always. If she recommends it, I can pretty much bank on loving it. Y'all, she even convinced me to read the Harry Potter Series. This is saying a lot.
So I asked her to give you ladies a run down of some of her favorite books this month. There are some on this list that I haven't read and I can't wait to read them along with you! 
Thank you Katie for all the shares:) Enjoy, sisters!
Reading has always been a big part of my life, but there are a few books that stand out as life changing for me. Maybe they're just what you need to read, too? 
                                                A Praying Life, Paul Miller
1. A Praying Life by Paul Miller. This is a simple introduction to prayer, written in easy and approachable language. It laid the groundwork for prayer in my life, helping me understand why it mattered and what it could look like in my everyday. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to jumpstart a deeper prayer life. 
                                                    Prayer, Tim Keller
2. Prayer by Tim Keller. This is similar to the book above, but headier and more in depth. It took me a while to read (I took notes on every page!), and has become a book I've gone back to reference many times. It helped me tie together Bible reading, meditation, prayer, etc. instead of trying to make those spiritual disciplines stand-alone acts. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to deepen their time with the Lord. 
                                                 None Like Him, Jen Wilkin
3. None Like Him by Jen Wilkin. This book highlights ten characteristics of God that we should focus on and praise Him for. It reminded me that I am not to be the main focus of my life, God is. And He is worthy of all my worship! It also helped me sort out body image issues and the place social media plays in my non omni-present life. I just re-read this with a small group of women and loved it all over again. It's a wonderful book to read and discuss with others. Try it! 
                                                  Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin
4. Likewise, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. If you'd like to read your Bible more but have no idea where to start or what you're doing, this book is for you. She walks through how we should study scripture in a humble, approachable way. I learned so much and have used many of her methods time and time again. 
                                                 The Lifegiving Home, Sally Clarkson
5. The Lifegiving Home, by Sally Clarkson... and basically anything else she's written. Now a mother of four adult children, she shares the wisdom she uses (or learned) during her years of mothering younger children. All of her books have helped me become an intentional homemaker and mother. I'm grateful for her mentorship! 
                                                   Parenting, Paul David Tripp
6. Parenting by Paul Tripp. This book's tagline is "14 Gospel principles that can radically change your family" and it absolutely held true in my life. This book completely altered the way I view parenting, discipline, and the children God has blessed us with. I think every Christian parent should read it! 
                                                   Kisses from Katie, Katie Majors
7. Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis (and her sequel book, too!). God used this book to soften my heart towards adoption-- something our family has now done three times--and to show me that we can live our lives fully for him no matter where we're located. She's a beautiful example of a Godly woman in this day and age. I can't wait to hug her neck in Heaven one day! 
8. Okay, I couldn't narrow down this last one. Just about every Christian biography I've read has become a favorite. I think reading about the faithful men and women who have gone before us is so encouraging and helpful--here's a post with some of my favorites!
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