9 Ways to Style the Carmen Cropped Sweater

You heard it right! NINE WAYS! Who knew? And you better bet your bottom dollar there are more ways than these. When I grabbed the Carmen off of my clothing rack and started getting creative, I realized my options were endless! These are just my personal faves;)


So let's get started! And, please, don't mind my awkward posing. These are screen shots from a video. And this is how I roll.

1) For a fun layer that adds some texture, toss a collared top (long or short sleeve) underneath! Whether it's a flannel or a lightweight spring knit like I paired with the Carmen here, this is such an easy way to add length and totally change it up! And my favorite light wash casual jeans were a must.

2) For a really cozy style that's easily transitions to warmer temps, layer the Carmen with a top like the Kelly Pocket Hoodie! When the temps warm in the spring afternoons, simply take the Carmen off and your set!

3) Want to dress my previous look up a bit? Change out of your more casual mom jeans and put on a pair of dressier black denim like the Brenner Skinny Jeans. It's crazy how quickly this dresses a top up! From day to night, girlfriend! Those are the best kind of styles.

5) The Carmen doesn't really need help looking adorable, so to let her shine like she was created to, give her a little front tuck in your favorite denim or pants and call it a day! And no, my fly is not undone here, although I recognize that is looks as though it is. Cheers.

5) You don't have to keep it too basic! Her cut and color pair effortlessly with your go-to maxi or midi skirt! Hey hey girls night out! This look is keeping us comfy while not sacrificing the cute. And for that, we thank you, Carmen, girl.

6) Got a spring/summer jumpsuit or casual dress hanging in your closet that you want to wear *all* the seasons? I got you girl. Layer the carmen over her and you're golden. If you want to give her a front tuck and your dress or jumpsuit doesn't have a belt, add one! You can also add a sports bra over said jumpsuit/dress and tuck a sweater into the front for the same look! Life hack for you right there.

7) I love a sweater that works for multiple seasons of the year. My favorite casual spring look for the Carmen is to toss her over a lightweight tank and pair it with my casual denim. A look like this is a dream for transitioning seasons! My take-me-to-the-beach-please kind of look.

8) Needing a spring outfit but want to look a little more "put-together?" A tank, some white shorts, and the Carmen tied around your shoulder. Absolutely a must-do for the spring season. I smell a back yard family party, do you?

9) And last but not least, she's my favorite gal to pair with my active wear. Morning or evening walks this spring and summer? She's a no brainer. Lightweight, breezy, relaxed fit. Just what you need for a little work out cover up.

Have fun and get creative! Think outside the box and feel the freedom to make styles your own!