Staging the AC Try On Space

Well isn't this a welcome update! I've been dreaming of a day that we could have a cozy, inviting set for our try ons at AC! A simple backdrop allows the clothes to shine! Which allows you to envision them as part of your own wardrobe!

Since she's all nice and pretty, for now, I thought I'd give you a little tour and share with you where I got each piece!

First, I knew I needed a simple, solid rug. I didn't want a pattern that would be distracting or that would clash with clothes as our team tried them on. Although I love the casualness of a natural fiber rug, I thought it might get a little too much traffic in the studio and wear out quickly. So for now, I grabbed this one and I think it's perfect!  

I also knew I needed something to add a little hight to the background. In walks this beaut that a friend of mine recommended. She doesn't add too much bulk, has a beautiful muted green, and the best part about her...her price! I may add these throughout our house! 

Of course with the perfect faux tree, I needed a little basket. I found this one at Target and she does the job well. I love that she doesn't take up too much floor space and that she's sturdy enough to withstand some moving throughout the studio. Technically she's a "wastebasket," but i'd like to think we gave her a little more refined job around the studio.


Next, I knew I wanted a gorgeous chair but didn't want to pay a high price. Once again, Target to the rescue. She's just stunning! I'm not sure that I would use her in our home because I have a feeling wild children would destroy her woven back, but in a space that's just for us ladies, she's more than perfect. I loved the price, and the assembly was super easy! Note: 2 weeks later and this gal is no longer available at target. But I did find it on another site! Although she's a little pricier in her new location.


And as always, even the best chair needs an accessory. You guessed it, Target. It's just how I like my own accessories. Simple, small, understated. But necessary!


And finally, the studio was in desperate need of a good clothing rack. I wanted a black one that would stand out a bit against the light walls in the studio. And I think I found just the right one. It's definitely an upgrade from our inexpensive white ones from Ikea. There's no doubt in my mind this girl can confidently hold a number of styles. That's exciting.


I may find myself changing this space slightly in the coming years. Maybe I'll get a wild hair to update the rug or pillow eventually, but I'm 100% pleased with this little space right now!


Thanks for touring around with me! It's a joy to have you here!