Easy (and Cheap) Toddler Boy Room

TBH, we've lived in our house for over 2 years and haven't finished decorating a. single. room. What's the rush...right? We also may have played musical chairs more than one time with our rooms. And our sweet son Deacon has found himself calling 3 of our 5 bedrooms home in the first 15 months of his life. Rumor has it, kids are flexible, and I'd say our family agrees;)

To be fair, every time we've moved rooms we've been absolutely sure we had finally found the winning combination. But alas, a growing family, and a growing business, and we're still figuring out what works best. 

This time, we've got it. Fingers crossed. And the first room that I'm calling "mostly done" is our little 15 month old man. Let's be real, we need some holes patched, some curtains hemmed, and some paint touched up...but what are the odds that those things will ever happen.

Not only does our budget require it, but we find it kind of fun giving pieces a new life in a new space. Things that once belonged in one room, finding a new home within our walls. That being said, much of his room has been pieced together from pieces we've accumulated over the years (including his crib that once slept our 6 year old...it's not cute, but it works, amen?) with a few newer additions. 

Since much of his decor would be considered "vintage" in today's terms, I'm just featuring some of our recent additions that have given his space a fresh feel.


First up: storage! In a small room, good storage is a must. We replaced an old worn out dresser with this find from Ikea. More than enough room for one little dude's belongings. Add a few organizing baskets and we've found space to collect those tiny little socks a bibs. Voila! 


Since our family has roots all over the United States, I couldn't resist getting this leather mat from Gathre to hang over his new dresser. It's not only a great learning tool, but I dream of the days we'll point to how God has grown and lead our family. From Alabama, to Virginia, to Texas and Tennessee, God's writing a story and we want to talk about it.


Because we love to encourage reading in our home, I grabbed these wall mounting bookshelves and they are the perfect size for a few of our favorites. We like having books readily available for the taking, but having too many out can quickly clutter a small space. So we store current faves here and more in his closet. Cute, right?


Since we are in the closet, I can't recommend this little piece enough. Perfect height for a toddler's reach, will help him organize his toys (one day...until then, momma's got it), and fits perfectly in a smaller space. I'll be grabbing one of these for our littlest as soon as she's ready.


For the perfect reading nook, this little tent is just the dreamiest. I snagged a few pillows from Target and it's ready for a good snuggly reading sesh. Can I have an adult sized one please???



We make it a priority to have Truth hanging on the walls of our home as a constant reminder to our hearts of what is important. This scripture print from my favorite small shop gal was an absolute must for our little man. I love the simplicity for a little one's room!

There you have it! Some of my favorite little touches our our big man's room. We like keeping it simple and sweet, makes a happier home for all of us! If I haven't previously linked it, chances are it came from Target. What can I say other than...basic.