Five (5) Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt This Fall

What's the best thing since Emily Gilmore (of the infamous Gilmore Girls)? We thought you'd never ask. Why...the Emily Linen Midi Skirt, of course! Emily, you are a classy broad. And, might I add, juuuust the right amount of sassy.

Before we dive into the wonders of the midi, can I let you in on a little secret? We firmly believe we serve you beautiful ladies best by providing you with unique, high quality pieces that serve as staples for your wardrobe. When you invest your hard-earned monies in our pieces, we want you to be confident that they'll will be with you for years to come! And in doing so, we hope to help you build a wardrobe that is cohesive, offers you effortless style, and makes you feel beautiful as you do yo thang each and every day. Not to mention, filling your closet with staple pieces makes decision making as easy as pie (pumpkin, preferably). The Emily Linen Midi Skirt just happens to be one of those wardrobe essentials! Whether you choose this midi or another, we think this will be a versatile trend you'll totally dig. 

With that in mind, we thought it would be super fun to pick one of our favorite fall pieces and style it f-i-v-e different ways. But remember, this is just a starting point for you. As you peruse, imagine what's in your own closet and how you can modify these styles to work with what you have.


Let's Rock the Emily Linen Midi, shall we?!

1) Casual vibes

Style this sweet girl with a tied-back tee when the summer heat lingers. We love the idea of tossing on your favorite sandals or even a pair of cute converse. Nothing beats a skirt that goes perfectly with a tee. That's right. You may have woken up 5 minutes before leaving the house, but no one has to know! #winning



2) Jojo for life

Life is better in chambray. The centerpiece of a capsule wardrobe, the neutral of neutrals, and time. less. If Joanna Gaines would rock it, I sure as heck am gonna try. And I think Jojo *just* might put her stamp of approval on this look. Not to mention, we vote "absolutely" to any style when our favorite clogs are in on the deal. 



3) Basic is beautiful

Everyone's got a solid tee in their closet. Some days its more than right to be #basic. And today's that day, sister-friend. Add your favorite jewelry, an easy loafer/flat and look fly from morning till night. P.S. Have I mentioned the material of this skirt is no joke? Get me on the salsa floor stat (j/k, j/k...this introvert doesn't dance).



4) Denim forever

Not even ashamed. This jacket is circa 1999 vintage Levi's and it's still hanging in my closet. Word. Quality staples, y'all. Amen. Is it just because I'm from the deep south or is a denim jacket a forever and always? Add a cute heeled bootie and this midi will take you straight through the season. Casual vibes are my jam and this look nails it.



5) Trendy business

My new favorite look - the sweater/skirt combo. It's trendier, a little riskier, but with pieces you are confident and comfortable in, risks aren't as scary;) It dresses this skirt up right nice (as we say in the deep south) and has me dreaming of a fall family photo shoot. Yayaass! I paired it with a nude heel for a little extra spice.


That was fun! You think?! I hope you are inspired to look through your closet and get creative when choosing your staple pieces this season! Capsule wardrobes with sweet, high quality pieces offer so much versatility, sisters. If you're looking for the perfect statement piece this fall, consider a midi skirt! I may be a tiny bit biased, but I think I know of one that you'd love;)

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