How To: 3 Minute Eye Makeup

I love some fun makeup. Love. But I also love (read: need) it to be easy and quick. I don't want to forfeit something that brings a little happiness to my day and helps me feel ready to tackle all of my "to-dos" just because my time is limited. So I need something I can do in a matter of minutes, you feel me?  

Here goes! My daily eye make-up routine. Three (3) minutes, and you're done!


                              Ulta Matte Eye Primer Nude

1) Apply Primer

Because I primarily use a powder eye shadow, I have found it definitely works best with an eye primer. Nothing fancy. No matter how many I try, I always find myself going back to this one. Seems to work the best for a great price. Snag it with a coupon and even better!

               Crown Pro Eye Shadow Pallete Fuego

2) Subtle Base

Once primed, I snag a pallate like this one, this one, or this one and get started! To begin, I use a light matte shade to cover my entire eye lid. Although the nude eye primer already works to even the tone of my skin, this creates a base for me to build the rest of my color.

2) Transition Color

Now I take it up a shade or two on my outer eyelid and along the outer crease. This is where I determine what color family I'm going to go with for the day. For instance, do I want to go pink-er, bronze-y-er, brown-er...the skies the limit, ladies. And the difference begins to show! Immediately my eye begins to open up.

3) Inner Lid Shimmer

On the inside of my lid I use a very subtle shimmer. In my humber opinion, it's all about lightening the inside of your lid. But just wait, there's more shimmer where that came from. 

4) Outer Lid Shimmer

Making sure to blend well, I top the outer transition matte shade (applied in step 2) with a darker shimmer along my outer lid and crease. It's important to make sure you don't go above your brow bone in this step or else, as the experts say, you'll be transported right back to the 80s. So control yourself, sister. 

5) Inner Lid Shimmer

The shimmer don't stop y'all. I don't care how old I am. Here, I use an in-between shimmer color to blend between the light inner lid shimmer and the darker outer lid shimmer. The easiest and best way to get this blended well is just to use the pad of your ring finger. The highlight that this creates right in the center of your lid is me.


               Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter Wisp

6) Brow Bone/Inner Corner Highlight

This. step. is. a. must. You can use any light colored highlight you prefer! There are a million to choose from. Truly. Right now I'm using this and loving it. It's not actually meant to be an eye shadow but I love the smooth texture of the shade which makes it easy to apply with my finger and get the perfect blend. Highly recommend. And then you can brush a little onto the top of your cheekbones for a little extra umph!


                              senegence volumeintense mascara

7) Mascara, Mascara, Mascara

Words can never express to you my love for mascara. It probably all starts with the fact that I'm a natural blonde and look like the walking dead if I'm without it. My favorite mascara comes from my girl Emma @thisbeautycalledours. If you are struggling to find a mascara you adore that's priced reasonably, you may just love this one too!


Easy right?! I love a makeup look that is doable. I can do the same process, day in and day out, and just change up the colors a bit. I hope you find this just as effortless as I do! To see me in action, watch the quick video below.