How To Dress for Christmas in 2020

No one can argue that Christmas celebrations this year might look a little different. But "different" can't cancel the reason we have to party this year or any year!

You've got lots of to-dos on your list this time of year. So to help you mark one thing off your list, I've curated a few outfit ideas that are perfect for a 2020 at-home Christmas.

Add to cart, toss it on, grab your people (kiddos, hubbie, roomie) and get the party started! I can't think of a more appropriate year to rejoice in the Hope that we have. This world is not our home, sister. And to make sure of that, Jesus came down, Emmanuel, God with us. Cheers to that.


Little Black Top

For a bit of a fancier at-home look, pair a dressy black top like the Blythe Ruffle Top with a pair of casual black jeans like the Brenner Skinny Jeans and you've taken your Christmas celebration up a notch! Bonus: even if you are the one prepping for your holiday meal, black hides all of the messes;) Double bonus, black goes with eeeeeverything. So this won't the only time you find yourself tossing on these two wardrobe staples.

Colorful Statement Top

A top that feels comfortable enough for ever day but has that special touch will help you to feel like you are can conquer your hosting duties with ease without any wardrobe fuss. I love the Tabitha Detail Top paired with a gorgeous jean like the Brenners. There's no better time of the year to add a little color to your closet and fit right in with your holly and mistletoe!

Perfect Neutral Sweater

Celebrating can often require long hours and some hard work. Can I suggest that it's never wrong to be comfy?  Meet the Holland Cable Knit Sweater. She couldn't be softer and she's the perfect neutral to go with most anything in your closet. When the day is done, trust your girl when I tell you everyone will want to cozy up next to you on the couch for your favorite Christmas movie. One vote here for The Holiday.

Soft and Stretchy Sweater

Clearly I have a theme here. But hear me out. Being able to host your people effortlessly is worth everything. The Stella Mock Neck Sweater is timeless, simple, and chic. The trifecta of perfect style, if you ask me. As always, she goes beautifully with your favorite jeans or over your go-to dress! Pull your hair up in a little bun, where your favorite statement jewelry, and girl, you got this. Don't blame me if you never want to take this cute, comfy girl off. 


Comfy Staple Dress

If you're feeling really festive, why not toss on a favorite dress? It's easy to take a spring/summer fave straight into the holiday season just by adding a simple layer! This look is a no brainer. The Alice Tie Dress with our Dawson Denim Jacket. Staying home this Christmas season doesn't have to mean that our celebrating is any less beautiful and special. In fact, it might even be more of an encouragement to make this year one to remember.


For more styling ideas of my holiday faves, check out this short video:)