Those beach waves tho

Hey Sisters!

Jordan here, and I am so excited Crystal has asked me to share some tips and tricks as far as hair curling goes. This is one of my most asked questions on my Instagram, and though I don't think I am a "professional" by any means, I think sharing fun things like this really brings us ladies together.

So first I want to talk about the products I use because I think the make a huge difference! All the products will be linked for you to shop if you wish! 

                                  products for beach wave curls

After I shower using my favorite shampoo and conditioner, I always apply my Redken Anti Snap to my hair and ladies this is a game changer. After using drug store products on my hair a little too long, I switched everything over to Redkin and I haven't looked back. It has made my hair so healthy and kept it safe while using heat, and listen... I know it costs just a little more and I am known to be the girl to save a buck, but taking this extra step in taking care of my hair has made all the difference. 

After this is applied, time to blow dry. I use an inexpensive Revlon Blow Dryer that does the trick. When I am prepping to curl my hair I honestly have no fancy way of doing this, I just get it done. 
Once your hair is dry I used the Redken Heat Protectant by simply applying to my hair brush and brushing it throughout my hair. I don't spray directly to my hair because I don't want my hair to look greasy. Your hair type might allow you to do that, mine does not. Once you've done that, you're ready to curl. 
I section my hair by placing the top half in a clip or bun, and leaving the bottom half down to begin curling. I use a 1'' barrel wand that I purchased at target on the cheap and it has worked beautifully for me. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there pushing certain brands but I swear by this one and it will save you some $$$. Important detail when curling your hair is to curl away from your face (especially the hair right next to your face). Sometimes I add a little variation once I am more towards the middle of my head, but the key is to curl away from your face.
                                 beach wave hair tutorial
The second trick for me when curling my hair is how I wrap it around the wand. I prefer to leave a large chunk of the bottom half of my hair off the wand. This would be for the more relaxed/beach wave look. I only hold my hair on the wand for like 5-7 seconds. This all depends on your hair though, so a good way to test it is tap the hair that is wrapped around the wand if it is feeling warm, it's most likely time to release. 
Now that the bottom half is completed you can let the top hair loose and repeat what you just did on the top. For my hair, I wait to spray the hair spray and texture spray until the end. Once my hair is completely finished I will spray hair spray all over, letting that sit for about 10 seconds. Then I apply a texture spray to my roots and the bottom tips. Applying it at the root gives it that extra volume, and applying it at the tips holds those curls not only for that day. This will even help your style stay the rest of the week, leaving you to only having to make quick touchups on another day. 
Once I let that sit for another 10 seconds I run my fingers throughout all my hair allowing the tighter curls to fall and completing my look! It's as simple as that! 
                                 beach wave hair tutorial
Hope this was fun and helpful! If you use any of these tips let us know by tagging us in your insta stories! We want to see all you cuties rocking your curls! 
XOXO - Jordan Mather @mathermoments