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Crystal's Faves

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August 6, 2020

1) I wrote this blog a couple of years ago and hope it's helpful for you if you are just beginning to consider adoption.

2) I'll say it again, my favorite gift for an adoptive momma, first momma, or adoptee.

3) An easy wall decor solution for our master bedroom. We've needed something for a hot minute and I grabbed this on major sale.

4) My favorite bib we've ever used. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and the colors are gorgeous.


5) Recently went with this toothbrush after two previous duds. the 15k reviews sold me.




July 30, 2020

1) Such a great tool for a small business owner. We've been loving ours for over two years!



2) Thirteen years ago my husband and I went through this guide during pre-marital counseling. It was a really helpful tool for important conversations.

3) Grabbed this knock-off for our almost-two year old to take to Mother's Day Out this school year. Cute, lightweight, and the perfect size.

4) We use this in the AC office for organization purposes. The easiest for labeling important shelves/bins/drawers.

5) We've used this sleep training method for 4 babies now and as we say goodbye to the infant stage soon, I'm a little teary thinking about all it has done to help this momma.


July 23, 2020

1) I use these two powders in my shake 5/7 days of the week. And have been for years!



2) Both of my boys have this lunchbox and our bento containers (linked recently...just scroll down) fit like a dream! 

3) This recipe was so easy it's crazy. And perfect for summer! 

4) A couple of my go-to nail polishes this summer. Gotta love a cute nail:)


5) These are a part of my daily spiritual life! If you don't have something like them, grab this pack!d You'll be grateful for them.


July 16, 2020

1) Grabbed these masks for situations where our 5 and 6 year old need them. It continues to be an interesting time to be alive.

2) Go-to gift for first-time momma's and their little ones. 

3) Recently tried this shaving oil and I'm definitely a fan! Less irritation, more moisture, happy girl.

4) We currently own 4 of these water bottles. Easy to clean and hold up to wild boys. 

5) I've been learning a lot from this podcast about some history of the southern past.



July 9, 2020

1) Using this podcast for my 6-yr-old during "rest time" this summer and loving it!

2) Trying to support black owned businesses and ran across this gem of a shop recently! Grabbed one of these pitchers as a gift for a friend. Beautiful!

3) My favorite hair volumizing spray that I can't live without!


4) These lunch containers served my kindergartener well last year. So much so that I grabbed his brother a set for his upcoming kindergarten year!


5) I recently watched this series on Netflix. Feeling like I'm learning all of the things recently.



JUNE 25, 2020

1) Someone in our family always has a pair of these for the summer.



2) My oldest is a little particular when it comes to shoes. He was happy when momma found these:)


3) These are great for cleaning water bottles for all ages.



4) The perfect jammies for my long little one that momma still wants in footie pjs at night.


5) One of my mom's favorite books about a beautiful journey of faith.



JUNE 18, 2020


1) In love with this sunscreen


2) I use this as a highlighter almost every day


3) My favorite new summer bra

4) Almost done with this book and boy have I learned a lot




June 11, 2020

1) We use this multiple times a day. Fits in our keurig and allows us to use any coffee grounds we like!

2) I highly recommend this miniseries as a resource for understanding some of the injustices faced by people of color in our country.


3) Favorite soap to clean my make-up brushes


4) With all the outdoor play this summer, we needed a new helmet. Favorite one yet!



5) Love this wall hanging we have in Chapel's room.


May 28, 2020



2) I use these in shower before applying self tanner.


3) Our family is reading this series together and loving it!


4) If you haven't tried these, you must.


5) Loving the light and breezy vibe these throw pillows are giving our bedroom!




May 21, 2020

1) My favorite bronzer that even smells like summer. 



2) My favorite blush and highlighter in one!



3) My go-to simple summer necklace that feels just right now matter the occasion.


4) Grabbed this to freshen up our front entrance for the summer and love being welcomed by It when we return home!

5) A fun addition to any home to celebrate the big and small things or simply to use as an encouragement or reminder.



May 14, 2020

1) Use this once a month to keep your washing machine so fresh and so clean


2) My new fave BB cream



3) I finally grabbed this set for some much-needed kitchen organization


4) By far my favorite lightweight hairspray. I use it almost every day!


5)  An adorable addition to any girl's room. We have this in Chapel's nursury!



May 7, 2020


1) Truly, my favorite dry shampoo I've ever tried. 

2) This little kitchen gadget gets used at least once a week in our home.

3) With four kids and a dog, this is a household must for us.

4) I recently listened to this The Gospel Coaliation podcast with Aimee Joseph on "Hope for Exhausted Mothers" and highly recommend it as Mother's Day approaches.

5) Help your children both see and appreciate the differences in the many ethnicities around them with these multicultural crayons!


Previous faves

Easily my favorite sunless tanner I've ever used


And the sunless tanner glove that makes application a breeze!


We have one of these cameras in each of our kids rooms. Super affordable and does everything we need it to!


I use this kit every week or 2 for a perfect in-home gel manicure!