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July 8, 2021

1) These caught my eye on a quick run to Lowe's and I had to have them. We have them living in planters on our back deck and I could just sit and stare at them all day.


2) I'be been using this dry shampoo since January and I can honestly say It ss my absolute fave. It doesn't feel heavy, smells delicious, and doesn't leave a yucky residue.


3) My soon-to-be second grader has been loving this book series. It was an easy introduction to his first Independent chapter reading and he's got plans to finish all of them!


4) Everyone should listen to this episode of the Risen Motherhood Podcast (not just mommas) featuring Elisabeth Elliot. And then listen again. I know I will be!


5) These large baskets for our entry way table. They are the perfect size for stashing blankets, shoes, books, toys, games, etc! And they're sturdy enough to last through lots of love:)


April 29, 2021

1) A new recipe I'm loving. It made it on our Easter menu this year and it will definitely become a tradition.

2) I love a good fake tanner. You? I enjoy a little sun kissed look but I'm wise enough to know at this point that the damage that comes from the real sun just isn't worth it. Enter this amazing product. I use two drops every other night or so and it's perfect!

 3) Little girl stuff is new for me. There is so much to consider! For the first time ever I'm having to figure out what to do with longer hair! We needed some pony tail holders desperately but I didn't want anything that would pull out the little hair she has. I found these and the girl has never complained. 10/10 recommend.

4) We have a longer island than we had in our last house and I finally found some affordable stools that I love! Needing four, we couldn't break the bank. I love these! Simple, easy to clean, and feel current without being too trendy.


5) If you are a transracially adoptive parent and you've never attended one of these groups or studied the curriculum, I can't recommend it enough. It's been worth every bit of my time. Although the curriculum is super informative (you can purchase it here), a group will give you the opportunity to hear from experts in the field, including adult transracial adoptees. 


March 25, 2021

For my March faves I thought it would be fun to share with you my pics for our kiddos' Easter gifts! We always do books and some candy. Simple and sweet:) I truly look forward to our Easter book pics every year!

1) For our seven-year old: This book is a *perfect* Easter read. Why is it that I always cry reading these books?! This is a book by the creators of The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross, another one of our faves. I absolutely love how this ties the Old Testament to Jesus where we can see how God was pointing the way to Him all along! It ends with the resurrection of Jesus which feels timely;) Can't recommend it enough.


2) For our six-year old: This book is such a fun exploration of the planet including geography, plants, animals, and humans! I'm always looking for ways to point out God's very good design in all that He created. This is an easy resource to help you do that:)


3) For our two-year old: I love, love, love this sweet book. If you are a fan of The Storybook Bible, you'll love this one too. No doubt. She has such a beautiful way of simplifying deep truth for little hearts and minds. And the pictures are a dream. This is a promise I want written on their little hearts early. And I bet you do too!


4) For our one-year old: I've been curious about this fun read for a while and decided to snag it for Easter. She does a sweet job of teasing the curiosity of little ones in a way that leads them to an exciting climax at the end that our Heavenly Father is indeed the Giver of all good things, including the gift of song! A bonus, the kiddos in it are just too cute.



February 25, 2021

1) We spent a lot of time in our house recently, what with all of the snow/ice, and rediscovered a favorite of ours this past summer! These videos are a perfect activity for some quieter down time inside. I love that they encourage creativity and following instruction. And they're just an all around a good time! In my opinion, they're great for any kiddos pre-k and up!

2) We've rented our fair share of local homes in Nashville and Franklin, TN for our photo shoots over the past year. This one is by far my favorite. And it's location is perfect for visiting all of Downtown Franklin's yummy food, cute shops, and beautiful parks. It's not big, so I wouldn't recommend it for more than 2 people. But if you want a little get away with your best girl or you hubby, check this one out!

3) You know my love for "basic" often bleeds into my home decor. I don't hate it. But in our new house, with white walls and grey floors, our living room was begging for some subtle color. This rug kept catching my attention on other sites but I just wasn't willing to pay the price. Until I found it on Amazon and I was hooked because the price was friendly. 


4) I'm using these clear storage bins in all of the places right now. Pantry, cabinets, toy closets. I knew I wanted something clear where everyone could see what was in it. Plus I needed it to be sturdy. Like if it got used as a football in the house instead of a snack bin, could it survive? The answer is yes. I highly recommend.


5) This seams to be a theme in my favorites lately, so if you are not in this stage of life, forgive me. A friend introduced me to these child locks and I quickly grabbed them up for our new home. I love that you can't see them, that our older boys can still easily unlock the cabinets they need, and that I didn't need tools to install them. Plus, they shouldn't damage the cabinets when it comes time to remove them. Thanks for the rec, friend! 


January 28, 2021

1) This year I'm reading through the Old Testament chronologically with @biblerecap. One resource Tara encourages you to reference as you study are The Bible Project summary videos of each book of the Bible. I know I just included their podcast in last month's faves. Forgive me. But I've committed to doing that this year along with my daily reading and I gotta say, you should join me. They are short, concise, and provide a really good summary with visuals that help me with the over arching theme of each book. Well worth a few minutes here and there as you move on to the next book you are reading.

2) There's a little dude in my life that is about to celebrate a birthday. This small shop and their adorable puzzles immediately came to mind. If you've been around here a bit you know that I believe representation matters in your home! Whether you are a family of color, are a transracial family, or are raising White children, toys that represent people of color are critical for the health of our children and the future of our country. Plus, when you shop here you are supporting a small business. Do it!

3) You may have seen my IG stories recently where I showed you a sneak peek at the walls of our home. We recently moved and had them painted with this lovely white. If you are looking for a white that doesn't pull out beige, grey, yellow, or pink undertones, this just might be it. I'd use it again and again!

 4) We have a toddler that likes to escape through the front door for a little fun. I never thought we'd need these, but alas, we are that family. If you have a #3, you may agree that the break the the best ways;) To keep him safe, and my heart rate lower, we installed these on our doors. So far he hasn't figured out how to use them. The reviews are great and they were easy to install! 

5) We snagged this book for one of our boys this Christmas. He absolutely loves the first one in this series, and we've loved this one as well! Again, representation. It not only makes a difference in *all* of my children's hearts, but in mine as well. I think your family will fall in love with this brave little boy:)



December 31, 2020

1) Recently I listened to a podcast that recommended this children's edition of Pilgrim's Progress and it might become a yearly read for our kiddos. I think writings like these give our minds and hearts to grasp the realness of the Hope we have.


2) I've seen these at a local park and I knew owning one for our family was a total yes. It's sturdy, easy to maneuver, and hard to break. All very good things in my book. And the perfect gift for a toddler boy!


3) This podcast is fascinating to me. Scroll through their list of episodes and I guarantee you'll find something really interesting that will enrich your Bible study this year!

4) Has anyone else binged this series? I'm not sure that I can recommend the books (I honestly had to put the first one down). But the Netflix series totally sucked me in. If you've got some time in the evenings this winter, give it a watch! It's like a long Hallmark movie with a happy love story. Isn't that really what we all want?!

5) One of my favorite ways to send a little encouragement to someone when I can't be with them in person is to shoot a little bit of Starbucks happy in a text to them! It's easy to do and allows you to choose the amount you want to send in increments of $5. For a busy momma on a budget, this is a no-brainer way to remind my people that they are on my mind!


October 29, 2020

1) If you're traveling this holiday season and, like us, have totally run out of room in your car, this is a must. We recently took ours to the beach and it worked like a charm. Easy to install, held a TON of stuff, and kept everything nice and dry!

2) My boys (adult and child alike) have been using this hair product for years. I like that it's easy for them to get it into their hand and not too sticky for them to apply on their own. Plus it smells good:) For straight hair.

 3) I grabbed one of these blankets for my blanket-sucking kiddo recently. It's super soft, the perfect size for a crib, and a calming neutral. If you're in the market, I highly recommend!

4) I love making this treat around the holidays. Sometimes I omit the orange. Always I dip in chocolate and let harden. Enjoy, sis.

5) My husband sings a hymn to our older boys every night before bed. This is his favorite website to use as a lyric reference. They get to request the hymn, and he works his daddy magic. I love that these truths are being written on little hearts through song.


October 22, 2020

1) We took our annual beach trip recently and my life as a momma will never be the same. If you use a pack n play when you travel, you *must* have this thing.

 2) You noticed my nail polish this week in our stories! I love a gel nail palish but this is a super quick and fun alternative when life is too busy for gel. FYI: it's much darker in person.

 3) We are about to wrap up our first trip through this devotion with our kids. I've shared it before but I can't recommend it enough. There is even a companion study that I'm certain we will do in the future.

 4) A grabbed this set of card games recently and I don't regret it. Something like this is great to have for when we are inside more this fall and winter! 

5) I feel like we need a throw pillow refresh every year. I grabbed two of these recently and love their size and simplicity! Is it any surprise that they look a lot like a shirt I might wear?


October 1, 2020

1) This may come as no surprise, but I heart all things Dear Mushka. More than that, I heart the family behind the business. They're celebrating 7 years as a small shop this week and have you seen the GIVEAWAY they're doing? Hurry over to her account and enter to win! $70 to both of our shops is up for grabs. Wowza! I want you to win! 

2) I get questions pretty frequently about the steamer we use. So here she is! I bought when we launched AC almost 3 years ago and now much prefer steaming over ironing. If you have a laundry room or large closet with some space to store it, I think you'll love the ease it brings to your fabric care!


3) I downloaded some art files from this small shop recently when trying to affordably decorate some walls in preparation for listing our home for sale. We placed several in our older boys' room and they happen to think they are the most fun:)

4) We love a good book in our home. This is one of our newest and most loved right now! A can't speak highly enough of the gorgeous artwork. Not to mention it reminds little hearts (and big) about the freedom and forgiveness that is found when we confess our sins to others and to Jesus.

5) If you're ever in the Chattanooga, TN area, do yourself a favor and go on a Segway Tour with Kevin. You'll need to put your pride aside, what with the capes and all, but being cool isn't all it's cracked up to anyways! One of my all time favorite traveling memories. You won't regret it.



September 24, 2020

1) I so often get questions about the lipstick our models are wearing in our photos. So this week, our girl Christin, helped me out! She and her sister-in-law, Amber, have definite faves. They both love this product but choose different colors: Amber (70) and Christin (130 and 60 + 70). I hope this helps!


2) Our oldest 2 boys are doing flag football this fall. Trying to get all 4 kids and all of their things to the field has some fun challenges. So, to make things easier, and because they are old enough to be responsible for their own things, I grabbed these sports bags for game days! Plenty of space for cleats, water, snack, mouth gaurd, ball, etc.


3) Recently, our toaster, that we've had since we got married, decided to say farewell to life. Since this is an appliance we use almost, daily, I went on a hunt. I grabbed this one since our family has grown! Four pieces of toast at one, or two large slices! Love it.


4) I've been using this study tool during my Bible reading each day. Everyone has their thing. I prefer digging into what depth true scholars of the Word can bring to my understanding of scripture. I highly recommend it!

5) Last week's photo shoot has one thing on my mind. Tiny donuts. Although we didn't get any this time around, if you're ever in the area of Franklin, TN, you should really stop buy this little wonder of a food truck. You won't regret this life-changing experience. Okay, maybe a little dramatic.


September 17, 2020

1) I've been listening to this podcast on repeat over the past couple of weeks and can't recommend it enough. Although our eldest is only 7, it is equipping me with tools for now and later! Plus, it's giving me a little insight on my own heart and mind. Both convicting and encouraging.

2) I'm just now buying bathing suits for the season because we are finally getting ready to travel for the first time this year! I grabbed this one piece and love the support it gives in all the right places.

3) I recently shared these little girl pjs in my stories but you definitely need the link. An easy way to provide representation of all skin tones in your homes from a very early age! And because we are always in need of more (affordable) pajamas in a home with four growing kids, I grabbed these a couple of weeks later. Give me all the representation.


4) You may have noticed that we got a new mirror in the AC office and I'm completely in love! The size, the weight, the portability, the versatility, and the simplicity! Just what we needed. And would be great in a bedroom too!

5) Okay, life is catching up with me a bit. Between carrying little ones in my arms, working from a computer/phone several hours of each day, my neck has been killing me. In walks this life saver. I've been using it for several weeks and have noticed that my neck pain is almost totally gone!


September 3, 2020

1) The small storage baskets we use in the AC office

2) For a drooly toddler, these have been a game-changer.

3) A recent birthday gift for our 7-year-old and now the whole neighborhood is in on the fun.

4) Finally hung this beauty on the wall in our little girl's room. I look forward to many years with this truth hanging over her.

5) A favorite board game that our kids have loved for years now!



August 27, 2020

1) This workout. Sister. Feel. the. burn. And no equipment necessary!

2) Our little Chapel had to have her first baby doll for her first birthday! I think I found the perfect one:) 

3) You can introduce your children to the world through books! This recent addition to our collection is already captivated our little guys' attention.

4) If you love a good make up primer, you must try this one. I will be a repeat purchaser for sure. 

5) I make a variation of this recipe frequently during the cooler months. Try it! I think it will be a winner for you/your family.


August 20, 2020

1) My new bestie. She may even encourage me to find the energy to bake some fresh cookies! The jury is still out;)

2) I wear this. Almost every day. Creature of habit, I am.

3) This may be remedying the nail-biting one of our little guys struggles with. After two weeks, we're both hopeful! 

4) I love a good face oil. This is my most recent try. Anti-aging while feeling like I've got a dewy complexion to (try to) beat time. I love it.

5) If you're a parent of any kind (especially adoptive/foster) then this is a must read. Or if you know someone who is, this would be a special gift of encouragement.



August 13, 2020

1) Grabbed this recently for our little shop and can't wait to have our big boys give it a try on their own laundry!

2)My deodorant of choice for several years now.


3) Brows terrify me. This product makes them super simple. My go-to, quick fix.

4) These have been a dream for recovery after knee surgery. I'm sure with aging bodies and wild kiddos, these will get a lot of use in our home.


5) If you have a kid that wears glasses, I can't recommend this brand enough for their durability.

August 6, 2020

1) I wrote this blog a couple of years ago and hope it's helpful for you if you are just beginning to consider adoption.

2) I'll say it again, my favorite gift for an adoptive momma, first momma, or adoptee.

3) An easy wall decor solution for our master bedroom. We've needed something for a hot minute and I grabbed this on major sale.

4) My favorite bib we've ever used. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and the colors are gorgeous.


5) Recently went with this toothbrush after two previous duds. the 15k reviews sold me.




July 30, 2020

1) Such a great tool for a small business owner. We've been loving ours for over two years!



2) Thirteen years ago my husband and I went through this guide during pre-marital counseling. It was a really helpful tool for important conversations.

3) Grabbed this knock-off for our almost-two year old to take to Mother's Day Out this school year. Cute, lightweight, and the perfect size.

4) We use this in the AC office for organization purposes. The easiest for labeling important shelves/bins/drawers.

5) We've used this sleep training method for 4 babies now and as we say goodbye to the infant stage soon, I'm a little teary thinking about all it has done to help this momma.


July 23, 2020

1) I use these two powders in my shake 5/7 days of the week. And have been for years!



2) Both of my boys have this lunchbox and our bento containers (linked recently...just scroll down) fit like a dream! 

3) This recipe was so easy it's crazy. And perfect for summer! 

4) A couple of my go-to nail polishes this summer. Gotta love a cute nail:)


5) These are a part of my daily spiritual life! If you don't have something like them, grab this pack!d You'll be grateful for them.


July 16, 2020

1) Grabbed these masks for situations where our 5 and 6 year old need them. It continues to be an interesting time to be alive.

2) Go-to gift for first-time momma's and their little ones. 

3) Recently tried this shaving oil and I'm definitely a fan! Less irritation, more moisture, happy girl.

4) We currently own 4 of these water bottles. Easy to clean and hold up to wild boys. 

5) I've been learning a lot from this podcast about some history of the southern past.



July 9, 2020

1) Using this podcast for my 6-yr-old during "rest time" this summer and loving it!

2) Trying to support black owned businesses and ran across this gem of a shop recently! Grabbed one of these pitchers as a gift for a friend. Beautiful!

3) My favorite hair volumizing spray that I can't live without!


4) These lunch containers served my kindergartener well last year. So much so that I grabbed his brother a set for his upcoming kindergarten year!


5) I recently watched this series on Netflix. Feeling like I'm learning all of the things recently.



JUNE 25, 2020

1) Someone in our family always has a pair of these for the summer.



2) My oldest is a little particular when it comes to shoes. He was happy when momma found these:)


3) These are great for cleaning water bottles for all ages.



4) The perfect jammies for my long little one that momma still wants in footie pjs at night.


5) One of my mom's favorite books about a beautiful journey of faith.



JUNE 18, 2020


1) In love with this sunscreen


2) I use this as a highlighter almost every day


3) My favorite new summer bra

4) Almost done with this book and boy have I learned a lot




June 11, 2020

1) We use this multiple times a day. Fits in our keurig and allows us to use any coffee grounds we like!

2) I highly recommend this miniseries as a resource for understanding some of the injustices faced by people of color in our country.


3) Favorite soap to clean my make-up brushes


4) With all the outdoor play this summer, we needed a new helmet. Favorite one yet!



5) Love this wall hanging we have in Chapel's room.


May 28, 2020



2) I use these in shower before applying self tanner.


3) Our family is reading this series together and loving it!


4) If you haven't tried these, you must.


5) Loving the light and breezy vibe these throw pillows are giving our bedroom!




May 21, 2020

1) My favorite bronzer that even smells like summer. 



2) My favorite blush and highlighter in one!



3) My go-to simple summer necklace that feels just right now matter the occasion.


4) Grabbed this to freshen up our front entrance for the summer and love being welcomed by It when we return home!

5) A fun addition to any home to celebrate the big and small things or simply to use as an encouragement or reminder.



May 14, 2020

1) Use this once a month to keep your washing machine so fresh and so clean


2) My new fave BB cream



3) I finally grabbed this set for some much-needed kitchen organization


4) By far my favorite lightweight hairspray. I use it almost every day!


5)  An adorable addition to any girl's room. We have this in Chapel's nursury!



May 7, 2020


1) Truly, my favorite dry shampoo I've ever tried. 

2) This little kitchen gadget gets used at least once a week in our home.

3) With four kids and a dog, this is a household must for us.

4) I recently listened to this The Gospel Coaliation podcast with Aimee Joseph on "Hope for Exhausted Mothers" and highly recommend it as Mother's Day approaches.

5) Help your children both see and appreciate the differences in the many ethnicities around them with these multicultural crayons!


Previous faves

Easily my favorite sunless tanner I've ever used


And the sunless tanner glove that makes application a breeze!


We have one of these cameras in each of our kids rooms. Super affordable and does everything we need it to!


I use this kit every week or 2 for a perfect in-home gel manicure!